The early bird catches the worm - they say. So here we go. Let's have a look at this years' list of destinations in one minute.

IMPORTANT: For any destination you are interested in, please send us a short message with your preferred date / time frame. As all our excursions are taking place with a very small group, we will be able to work out a schedule that works for all of us!

Barcelona.2 day excursion.
Hamburg HafenCity.HafenCity Architecture | 1 day workshop.
1 day workshop.Street Life & Architecture. Special night time cityscapes sessions.
2 day excursion.
EPFL Rolex Learning Center.1 day Architecture workshop. The award winning architecture of the EPFL Rolex Learning center is the stage for this special workshop. Equipped with FUJIFILM's GF(X)-series cameras and lenses we will working on finding the perfect composition and exposure. Please contact us directly for any further questions.
Marseille.3 day excursion.
New Castle.3 day excursion.
5 day excursionalong the coastline of Normandy & Bretagne. Every day we are capturing stunning sea- and landscapes, being at the right spot at the right time. The driving distances per day are short - a maximum of stunning locations guaranteed.
Vienna.2 day workshop.

Feel free to get in touch for any further information, booking details or to ask any question you might have. The easiest way is to use the contact form here on this website.