The 'Landschaftspark Duisburg' is the location of the PHOTO ADVENTURE in Duisburg. Here a few hard facts:

Landschaftspark is a public park located in Duisburg-Meiderich, Germany. It was designed in 1991 by Latz + Partner (Peter Latz), with the intention that it works to heal and understand the industrial past, rather than trying to reject it. The park closely associates itself with the past use of the site: a coal and steel production plant (abandoned in 1985) and the agricultural land it had been prior to the mid 19th century.

A pure paradise for Photographers - Artistically illuminated at night there is free access to the whole site.

In this SPECIAL EXCURSION, we will explore the various techniques of nighttime photography, from a to z (including location scouting, image composition, exposure techniques and the use of the 'right glass' for the job).

Workshop fee: 149€ per person including full access to the actual range of FUJIFILM X-series cameras and lenses. 09.06.2018 // Meeting at the bar for a drink and get together 20:00. We will be ready to rock around 21:00. Open end till our batteries are dead and our memory cards are full!

Drop us a line and book your spot. The total number of seats is limited.