Normandy 2019.

What else do I have to pay for ?

Travelling to and from the start and finishing locations in France, bed&breakfast/Hotel costs, food, gas for your (rental)car, personal expenses

Normandy 2019.

When and how do I have to pay ?

The total workshop fee is due after booking and guarantees your spot in this workshop. A full refund is possible up to six weeks before the starting day. A 75% refund up to four weeks before starting day. A 50% refund up to two weeks before the starting day. After that, no refund is possible. You will get an invoice in order to pay the workshop fee via bank transfer.

Normandy 2019.

Anything else ?

Feel free to contact us any time via our website (school.fauland-photography.com) or directly via eMail (school@fauland-photography.com). We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Normandy 2019.

How do I get there ?

by Plane: Air France and KLM offer regular flights from most European bigger airports to Caen. From there a rental car is strongly advised.

by train: International connections go to Caen. From there a rental car is strongly advised.

by car: As we will be driving at our individual pace down the coast line renting a car in France or coming with your own car is the best way to travel. We recommend to group up with other participants in order to reduce the amount of cars, the costs and increase the fun factor at the same time - When did you do your last adventure road-trip?

Normandy 2019.

Where do we sleep ?

We will stay in selected Bed&Breakfast and/or Hotels along our route.

Normandy 2019.

The daily distance will not exceed 200km as our main focus is Photography and not driving. Blue hour and night time sessions as well as cosy dinner and checking of our days’ work finishes off the day. We will have a computer and external monitor with us, in order to look at and discuss our images as well as diving into PostProduction steps on the way to a Fine Art piece of work ready to be mounted and framed.

Normandy 2019.

What is covered in the total cost ?

The workshop fee covers the full-time mentoring and support with all questions you might have during the 5-day trip. Borrowing and testing of cameras, lenses and accessories is included as well. Without giving away too much - there will be a surprise gift included as well.

Normandy 2019.

What do I need to bring with me ?

Your camera, one or two lenses (if you have, a wide angle lens is recommended), enough batteries to get through one day, lots of memory cards, a tripod. A laptop and backup hard drive are also welcome. This would be the basic kit talking about Photography. Otherwise …. Well, you know - appropriate clothes (it can be fresh in the early morning), a good book.

Normandy 2019.

How many fellow Photographers will be on this trip?

The workshop will take place with a minimum of three participants. Our group will be not larger than six. If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants there will be a full refund or re-scheduling offered. If this workshop is already fully booked, we will gladly inform you well in advance about the next one.

Normandy 2019.

The workshop will start in Auderville and bring us down to Saint Malo in Northern Bretagne.

Day 1 / Auderville (Cap de Hague)

Day 2 / Barneville

Day 3 / Grandville

Day 4 / Mont Saint Michel

Day 5 / Saint Malo

We are travelling as a small group and are flexible to alter the end-of the day destinations according to your wishes, weather conditions etc. Please see the above list as a guideline.

5 day excursion

along the coastline of Normandy & Bretagne. Every day we are capturing stunning sea- and landscapes, being at the right spot at the right time. The driving distances per day are short - a maximum of stunning locations guaranteed.

Normandy 2019.


Who is this workshop made for ?

You are familiar with the basic settings of your camera, have the idea for an interesting image when you see it? That’s cool. We will have all the time we need to practice special techniques (exposure, compositing, light) and get all the tips&tricks to create stunning images. The advantage of this kind of small group workshop is that the course content is individually adjusted

Normandy 2019.

As we all know, in landscape photography the right time of the day will define the quality of the light. Therefore, getting up early in the morning to be on location for the first light of the day makes sense. After a nice early morning session there is nothing better than a real french style breakfast. We will get moving all together to our next stopp along the route.

Normandy 2019.

How will our days look like?

First of all, we are out in Nature to enjoy ourselves, have fun and come home with lots of new photographic input and stunning images. It’s not an army boot camp. We decide together about the pace and also where we want to spend how much time along the trip.